Why I Choose Craft Beer Over Regular Brand?

Despite the fact that my favorite beer to drink everywhere is a bottled (or canned one) called Estrella Galicia, I´m always looking for new craft beers I haven´t heard of before to try. There are times in which I hit a homerun and discover a lost treasure in the sea and others that I have a bad experience, but that won´t keep me from going for the adventure. Read on to find out why is Craft Beer my favorite pick.

Full Taste

Craft beer to me seems as having a glass of a full-taste beverage. Whereas the industrialized beers have more sense of a watered-down composition, the craft have that full flavor that hits you right on your throat and that I completely love. This becomes very evident when you try out an excellent IPA like the Founder´s Brewery All Day IPA that is light and tasty and compare it to many bottled-up, industrialized IPAs you can get in your nearest supermarket. The difference is so absolute that there is nothing to even talk about.


This is another item not to be overlooked; have you noticed the increasing amount of craft beer variety available in the world today? Well, for me it is like heaven. I love going out and try at least four of five different ones (and ask for an Uber ride home, of course). Also, once you get into bottled, canned and growler beer, you find a huge difference for that Netflix marathon of the weekend. To be able to pop open a great craft beer from the comfort of your couch with some snacks is priceless.


This is one of the highest points of a well-made beer that nobody talks about but it is very important: hangover is reduced when the beer is done with premium ingredients. Has it ever happened to you to wake up and find your head buzzing, your body numb and a headache that can last well after lunch? That is because you had too much to drink and because you mixed up beverages or drank poor-quality beer. I have made the test and after the fifth pint of draft premium craft beer I went to bed to wake up the next day hangover-free. Doing the same thing with industrialized beer made me wake up as if I was in a bull fight but being the bull.


The price of craft beer is the only drawback for me. I can´t afford to drink premium craft beer every single day of my life and so I mix it with my favorite industrial beer, which is Estrella Galicia. If I have the chance, though, I pick craft beer without the shadow of a doubt.