7 Cities For Your Craft Beer Road Trip

I´ve been around the world tasting beer, not because that´s what I´m paid to do, but because that is what I love doing. Every time I get the chance, I get my backpack ready and set off for a new adventure. My girlfriend is (luckily) just like me, so I get to taste the best craft beers of every country we visit with my favorite person in the world. Am I a lucky guy?  Well, of course I am! Read on and find out which are my favorite seven cities to drink beer in the world (so far).


1 - Barcelona, Spain

My home town is the place I know best and hence, my favorite spot in the world to go out for pints. You get variety, premium class, friendly people and, most of all, the most wonderful tapas you will ever experience. Barcelona is my home by choice and number one on the list.


2 - San Francisco, CA

I love the vibe in Frisco, it is a one-of-a-kind place on Earth with people matching it. The classic Californian breeze just moves your hair and gives you the goose bumps but not much more and having a beer at Laughing Monk while watching the sunset is one of the things you must do while alive. Oh, and they have killer IPAs too.


3 - Dublin

Well, if we are talking beer, there is no way the home of the Guinness, created exactly there by a guy named Arthur Guinness in 1759 was not on the list. If you enjoy thick, black and creamy Guinness, then you will want to go there during Autumn and get into a bar to drink one creamy stout after the next and smile like an Irish. The food is really good too… I don´t quite remember that much!


4 - Munich

Did I mention Ireland couldn´t be missing from this list? Well, neither can Germany. This city hosts 6 million people during Oktoberfest and it is the home of the beer gardens, which are completely awesome. I went during Oktoberfest and it was a little too much (during that week, 7 million liters of beer are sold), but if you skip that time, you´re in for a real treat.


5 - Seoul

Yes, this controversial city is one of the most populated in the world and hosts some of the biggest, most beautiful buildings you can see around. There are a lot of parking lots turned into the perfect place for a beer on the go and also some dedicated bars that are awesome. There is a huge variety to choose from everywhere in the globe and Korean beer is very tasty too.


6 - Montreal

Well, it is well-known that all Europeans hate French people, especially the ones from Paris. I am no exception to that rule, in fact, I adhere to it. So, which is the best place for French customs without having to deal with them? Montreal, Canada! The beer scene in the northern country is awesome and despite the harsh weather, if you go in the summer you can taste some of the best craft beer ever and have some French food to go with it.


7 - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the world´s capital for meat and tango, but has recently had a boom in terms of beer breweries and culture. The night life in this city is almost endless, there are a million options and those Argentinians won´t go to sleep even if the daylight invites them to. If you want to have a blast and try some of their own creations with local ingredients, go there in spring. You can have some amazing steak and dance some tango too.