Best Places To Enjoy Craft Beer In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the cultural capitals of Europe and by far, the most culturally-rich city of Spain. The food scene, the night life and, of course, the craft beer are top of the line all across the city. Being a local, I have my favorite spots and love sharing my passion with those who can appreciate it. This is my humble, tested and true, road ready list of the best places for a cold one (two, three or more too)



Being a vegan, this is my favorite beer bar in the world, not only Barcelona. They always put together a dream-team to fill the ten draft beers they offer every night. One of the main attractions of the place is that the people behind the counter are as knowledgeable as it gets when it comes to recommending beers. They are so kind that will let you try as many as you like in a busy night and always respond with a smile.

It can get a little crowded at times, so you have to be in a party mood to have fun and enjoy the amazing vibe. It is not at all one of those connoisseur spots that´s lost for the general public, it is more of a greatly kept secret, a tiny spot that doesn´t say much from the outside but is crowded, busy and amazing on the inside.

They offer a great selection of draft-beer but have some amazing tastes of bottled rarities from every latitude you can think of. You just have to tell the bar tender what mood are you in and they will tell you the brand and kind right away I made all kinds of experiments with them simply because I trust their good taste when it comes to beer recommendations blindly.

Because of all these reasons (you can add yours too), Ale&Hop takes number one in my list.


The amount of options in this place is simply mesmerizing. Once you walk through the door you´ll see the amount of draft beer handles at the bar and limit yourself to stare in awe. I never counted them, but close to twenty, I´m sure of that. There is always a novelty and a wide arrange of imported beers from everywhere you can think of, and they are all draft! It is unbelievably packed at times, but when it is not, it is the beer-lover paradise.

One thing that makes a place like this stand out from the rest is obviously the people behind the counter. They are just as knowledgeable as it gets and will let you try any beer before you have it. With the amount of brands and styles, it becomes a must. You can ask them anything you like about the beers and they will always have an answer for you. The vibe is a definite plus and the decoration of the bar is simply what suits it best.

If you are a meat-eating person, you will love the food. It falls into second place because it doesn´t have as many options for vegans like me, but the menu is really complete mixing Barcelona´s own recipes with some Peruvian fusion cuisine. For my friends who are really into sea food, it is a one-of-a-kind place not even found in the United States.

Another thing about BierCab is that it is not a cheap place at all. There is no cheap option to buy and all beers offered are premium quality. This could lead to a long discussion about money versus quality and money versus people, but bottom line is that always the premium places will be pricier than the rest. If you have the money to enjoy the experience, I highly recommend you go to BierCab and have a night of limitless fun and beer.