About me


I am a Spanish man, born and raised in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I enjoy the best football, the best beers and the best ham in the world on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I also love travelling and above all of it I love trying new beers. I am very fond of finding new flavors that can blow my mind and satisfy my palate.

I happen to be a lucky man and have a girlfriend who is my partner in crime and loves beer just as much as I do. She is the one pushing us out of the couch in many occasions just to go check out that great new bar that opened up downtown. We love trying new beers and specially craft one. I think that there is an abyss between the industrial brands and those that still cultivate that love for the beans, the ingredients, the process and the bubbly gold liquid.

To me, brew masters are artists and a well-made IPA can be considered a work of art. It explodes in your mouth and if you drink moderately, your body will absorb the nutrients and you shall not experience hangover or any other negative alcohol effect.

Given the experience that travelling and trying new beers around the world gave me, I decided I wanted to share this knowledge with the beer-loving community. It took me long years to get to taste as many beers as I did in my life and took me even more years to understand the differences between some of them. The refined palate that I have nowadays is not the same I used to have five, ten or fifteen years ago.

You won´t find no specific brewing material or any indicators on how to create the perfect beer, but you might find out who makes it and where to try it. By saying where I mean in at least three continents.

I don´t claim to be the owner of the truth, but I can say that I have a lot of experience when it comes to beer. I hope you enjoy reading the articles and come back really often for more cool tips from La Cerveteca.

Enjoy life and beer happy!